Successful Direct Marketing

Your Customers are
a Long-term Investment

Your customers are far from average; why should your marketing be? Catering to a “one size fits all” customer base is no longer sustainable – every customer has a story and every customer matters.

With that in mind, Innovations in Direct Marketing provides customer-centric marketing tools. We provide decades of experience in the printing industry, including conventional 2D printing as well as our latest venture, Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing. Our concentrated knowledge of the production process allows us to be proactive to resolving issues before they occur and avoid compromising any aspect of a client project.


The latest technology requires the latest experts. 3D home model printing is proving to introduce a new expectation in home buyers. A blueprint, CAD render, or digital photographs simply won’t be enough to satisfy the customer’s desire to see and interact with the design. Our full color, exact 3D scaled home models are built directly from the blueprints and architectural plans, so the result to show your buyer is an exact replica of their future home.

Additionally, our models offer a creditable visual perspective that a 2D photograph or the Virtual Reality medium cannot match. Buyers can remove any floor from their model, which will reveal the complete, fully furnished, scaled floor plan of the level below. There are few better ways to let your buyer see what your designs offer. The opportunities for this print medium are nearly endless.

Innovations is thrilled to have the experience and familiarity of this technology to offer this new marketing paradigm to our clients and your customers.


Our roots are in conventional printing for large, multi-store retail organizations and advertising agencies. We utilize our new technology, but haven’t forgotten how to provide thoroughly organized conventional mass-marketing projects. Our experienced network of suppliers is able to provide a complete portfolio of products to meet your needs. We have a full service commercial printing business model that provides the capability of offering competitive pricing on your project, from a small outreach to an enterprise-level campaign, there is no task too big or too small.