Successful Direct Marketing

Your Source for Improving Direct Marketing Success

Innovations in Direct Marketing is a knowledge based outsourcing (KBO) partner focused on providing direct marketing success to its clients.  We provide project management for a broad portfolio of services. As a result of our decades of understanding of the print industry we provide you with success by consulting with you when a project is issued to us.

Our portfolio of services include:

    • Digital – flexible and flatbed processes
    • Sheet-Fed
    • Digital
    • Sheet-Fed
    • Web
    • Sizes ranging from miniature to automobiles
    • Conventional letter-shop
    • Web with in-line capabilities


Have you had the experience of partnering with a supplier that provided extreme customer service, outstanding quality and the knowledge that they would meet your deadlines on time?  It’s a comforting feeling knowing that the work you issue to them is going to be nearly flawless.  The only limitation was that their market niche was limited by the equipment they had on their floor.  Because of Innovations In Direct Marketing’s broad product portfolio and the use of project specific suppliers from our Strategic Network you will not experience such limitations.

What good is all the equipment in the world if the end product fails to meet your expectations? Many of us may have had the unfortunate opportunity of working with a supplier that has the equipment needed to meet our needs yet came far short from that when the product was delivered.  As such, our suppliers are expected to be experts in their market niche.

As the saying goes “no one can be experts in everything”.   We present you with potential hic ups that may compromise the quality, timely delivery, or the quoted budget of your project.  Innovations In Direct Marketing applies both Innovations In Direct Marketing’s decades of experience plus the centuries experience that of our Strategic Network’s have to provide you with solutions to avoid issues before production ever takes place.

On-Time Delivery
There once existed a flawed mantra in the print industry before the turn of the century which said “price, quality and turnaround … you pick two and the printer will tell you the third”.  Innovations In Direct Marketing has always rejected this proposition.  To insure that on-time delivery is not compromised our strategic network is given the delivery date and expected to inform us if they are unable to deliver the project on-time prior to issuing the project.  We don’t see this as a supplier weakness but a strength because it allows us to source to a different supplier in our Network that is certain they will deliver the product with quality, the same price and on-time.After issuing us a project we communicate frequently with you to let you know the status of a project.  We call our selected suppliers daily to confirm that they are on schedule for delivery and provide you with the updated schedule (below).  This also allows us to be proactive if the schedule is compromised by employing strategies (many times through other suppliers in our network) to meet your delivery dates.This has allowed us to maintain a 100% on-time record with our current clients.

Production Schedule